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Gate.io /Announcement

BTG is listed on gate.io

BTG (Bitcoin Gold) is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain that occurs at block height 491407. It changed the PoW algorithm to Equihash to force miners to use GPU mining. Beware the dev team premines 100,000 BTG and it might be dumpped to the public market. All gate.io users get the equivalent amoun...

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REQ is listed on gate.io

REQ is the Ethereum ERC20 token of the Request Network proeject. Request Network is a decentralized network for payment requests. The project collected 100000 ETH in 3 days from 11467 approved registrants with a 6.713 ETH cap for each participant in day 1.   The ICO price is 0.0002ETH/RE...

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USDT markets are listed

We have added the USDT markets for BTC, ETH, LTC,  BCC, ZEC, DASH, QTUM. More coins will be added soon. The USDT deposit and withdrawal will be enabled in two weeks at https://gate.io/trade/btc_usdt https://gate.io/trade/eth_usdt https://gate.io/trade/ltc_usdt https://gate.io/trade/zec_usd...

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Swap your Qtum ERC20 for Qtum mainnet in 10 minutes

Swap your Qtum ERC20 for Qtum mainnet in 10 minutes:   Deposit ERC20 at  https://gate.io/myaccount/deposit/QTUM_ETH  withdraw mainnet at  https://gate.io/myaccount/withdraw/QTUM Best, gate.io...

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